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[Sticky] Research Corner - M.E.C - Guidelines and Rules

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This area of the Community Forum is to discuss and research New and Existing Mandela Effects, and help to find residue, flip flops, and other useful information for Residue Hunters. 

1) Create a Topic only if there is not an Existing Post regarding the Effect, please try to reduce cross-posting and duplicates, please use the SEARCH above and across the entire site before posting, the Mandela effect has been researched for many years its probably been examined before if you have something to ADD then please add to the Correct Effect 

2) Be courteous, polite, and if you disagree with anything discussed do not flame, troll, or otherwise be rude. Warnings will be given and if you become an agitator in this forum you shall be muted, keep the peace, be a part of the community.

3) If you abuse this Site a Moderator or Admin May Suspend your account pending an internal review.  

4) Enjoy yourself!

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